This blog describes how to create e-mail template in Alfresco and use it for sending e-mail.


E-mail templates are kept in folder Company Home/Data Dictionary/Email Templates, but in general they can be kept in any folder. Let’s assume, that in our template we want to use some variables, which values will be passed during invocation of e-mail action. Our template is saved in Company Home/Data Dictionary/Email Templates/sample_template.ftl and is defined as follows:

        Hello ${firstName}!

Variable ‘firstName’ should be replaced with the name of user the message is send to.

E-mail send action

We will invoke e-mail sending action using Alfresco JavaScript API:

 var mail = actions.create("mail");
    // List of comma separated user names e-mail should be send to
    mail.parameters.to_many = admin;
    // Subject of e-mail
    mail.parameters.subject = "Sample e-mail";
    // Map of variables to be used in the template
    var map = new Object();
    map["firstName"] =["cm:firstName"];
    // Path to template to be used in e-mail
    mail.parameters.template = companyhome.childByNamePath("Data Dictionary/Email Templates/sample_template.ftl");
    // Map of variables to be used in the template
    mail.parameters.template_model = map;
    // Execute e-mail send action