F1 Open KDE Help Center.
Shift-F1 What’s this help.
Alt-F1 Open the Applicantions Menu (K-Menu).
Alt-F2 Display the Run Application dialog.
Alt-F3 Open window menu.
Alt-F4 Close window.
WindowsContextMenuKey Popup context menu.
Ctrl-Esc List of running applications (process table).
Alt-Tab Switch to the next window.
Alt-Shift-Tab Switch to the previous window.
Ctrl-F1 to F12 Switch to desktop 1 – 12.
Ctrl-Tab Switch to the next desktop.
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Switch to the previous desktop.
Alt-PrintScreen Take a snapshot of the current window into the clipboard.
Ctrl-Alt-PrintScreen Take a snapshot of the entire desktop into the clipboard.
Ctrl-Alt-l Lock the desktop.
Ctrl-Alt-d Toggle hide/show the desktop
Ctrl-Alt-Numpad+ Next screen resolution.
Ctrl-Alt-Numpad- Previous screen resolution
Ctrl-Alt-BkSpc Kill the current X-windows server.
Ctrl-Alt-Esc Kill Window (The same as xkill command).
Alt-LeftMouseButton Move the window.
Alt-MiddleMouseButton Switch to next not-minimalized window.
Alt-RightMouseButton Resize the window.
Alt-MouseWheel Scroll horizontally instead of vertically.
Alt-F12 Emulate the mouse using the arrow keys on the keyboard.