There quite are few naming conventions for multiple-word variable names in use these days. The most popular are:

  • UpperCamelCase
  • lowerCamelCase
  • snake_case

There is also kebab-case convention used in LISP.

Moodle has adpoted a non-standard convention - all words are lower-case and glued together (moodlecase) - see Moodle docs. I don't think there is a name for this convention.

It works quite well in some cases, e.g.


but it's getting less readable with more words:


to finally become this:


Compare how the above would look like using different conventions:

moodlecase camelCase snake_case
$isteacher $isTeacher $is_teacher
$launchurl $launchUrl $launch_url
$oauthbodyhash $oauthBodyHash $oauth_body_hash
$truefeedbackimg $trueFeedbackImg $true_feedback_img
$maxcoursesinquery $maxCoursesInQuery $max_courses_in_query
$courseorsystemcontext $courseOrSystemContext $course_or_system_context
$linkedcompetencypercentageformatted $linkedCompetencyPercentageFormatted $linked_competency_percentage_formatted
$proficientusercompetencyplanpercentageformatted $proficientUserCompetencyPlanPercentageFormatted $proficient_user_competency_plan_percentage_formatted