Some time ago I had to porcess a lot of images in a simple way – remove the top and bottom part of them. It was not a task I could automate – the amount of image I had to cut from the top & bottom varied for each photo. To make the mundane work a bit easier, I’ve created a script – python plugin.

The script assumes you have put two guide lines onto the image. It finds them, cuts the image from between them and saves as a new file.

To create such a simple script in python you need to:

  • import gimpfu
  • run register method that tells gimp (among other things), a function name that implements the script (special_crop) and where to put a link to the script in gimp menu (<Image>/Filters)
  • implement your function
  • copy script to your custom scripts folder (e.g. /home/…/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins)

The other locations you could use when choosing where in menu system a script should appear are:
“<Toolbox>”, “<Image>”, “<Layers>”, “<Channels>”, “<Vectors>”, “<Colormap>”, “<Load>”, “<Save>”, “<Brushes>”, “<Gradients>”, “<Palettes>”, “<Patterns>” or “<Buffers>”

And finally, the script itself. It’s fairly self-explanatory – enjoy and happy gimping!

#!/usr/bin/env python
from gimpfu import *
def special_crop(image):
        print "Start"
        pdb = gimp.pdb
        top = pdb.gimp_image_find_next_guide(image, 0)
        top_y = pdb.gimp_image_get_guide_position(image,top)
        bottom = pdb.gimp_image_find_next_guide(image, top)
        bottom_y = pdb.gimp_image_get_guide_position(image,bottom)
        if top_y > bottom_y:
                temp_y = top_y
                top_y = bottom_y
                bottom_y = temp_y
        print "Cutting from", top_y,"to",bottom_y
        pdb.gimp_rect_select(image, 0, top_y, image.width, bottom_y-top_y, CHANNEL_OP_REPLACE, FALSE, 0)
        image2 = pdb.gimp_edit_paste_as_new()
        new_filename = image.filename[0:-4]+"_cut.jpg"
        pdb.file_jpeg_save(image2, image2.active_drawable, new_filename, "raw_filename", 0.9, 0.5, 0, 0, "New file", 0, 0, 0, 0)
    "Crop an image",
    "Crops the image.",
    "Tomasz Muras",
    "Tomasz Muras",
    "Special crop",
        (PF_IMAGE, "image","Input image", None),