I wanted to change the way teasers are displayed – disable this information about the node submission: published by admin on Fri, 04/22/2011 – 17:25.

As it turns out, there is a variable that Drupal checks when generating submission information. The variable is set per each content type in a format node_submitted_<NODE TYPE>, e.g., node_submitted_page and should be simply set to TRUE or FALSE. Here is the code I’ve added to my micropt module, to micropt.install

function micropt_install() {
  variable_set("node_submitted_micropt", FALSE);

You can change the value of the variable using drush or directly in the database:<p></p>

UPDATE `variable` SET `value` = 'b:1;' WHERE `name` LIKE 'node_submitted_micropt'

“b:1;” is a serialized value for TRUE, for FALSE use “b:0;”. If you do so, don’t forget to clear the cache!